Cellular Respiration
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  1. When your cells burn sugar fuel
    from your meal (such a deal!),
    there are three parts to the job
    and you get some ATP.

  2. First you do glycolysis.
    Split that sugar right in half,
    and you make two ATPs:
    store some energy.

  3. Second comes the Krebís cycle,
    break it down to CO2
    in your mitochondria,
    and you make more ATP.

  4. Third, your mitochondria
    transport those electrons.
    Grab their energy to make
    lots and lots of ATP.

  5. Then you dump those electrons
    and some extra hydrogen.
    Bond them onto oxygen
    and you get some water.

  6. Forty total ATPs:
    glycolysis uses two,
    and eukaryotes use two more
    so the totalís thirty-six.

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